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Privacy Policy

You must accept this beforing making a purchase

* By interacting with our support team, general and/or further community or buy, rent or obtain a service from EnviroMC or any of its alternate brands or services, you adhere and agree to abide by these terms.

The term “client” or “user” refers to any individual, group or entity that engages with our community or uses EnviroMC’s or any of its alternative brands or services.

Terms of use:

You may not use our service if you do not meet the following -

  • If you are under the age of 13, please consult your parent or guardian if you would like to order a service or product. The minimum age for our support channels is also 13. If we find you are under the age of 13, we reserve the right to terminate your access to that support area.
  • You have been instructed not to use our service(s) or product(s) due to a prior response to exploitation of our TOS.
  • You are deemed too high risk to deal with by our fraud system. This is very rare, but we may need to reach out to you if you are deemed a high-risk user.
  • You are forbidden from buying or selling online services in the United Kingdom.

SLA exclusion:

These are all reasons exempt from causing downtime in our 99% uptime SLA

  • The time between transferring between machines or upgrading your server does not count as downtime.
  • User or client-side error causing such as data loss or file corruption or client-side network outage will not count under our SLA.
  • Illegal activity or terminations. This can include your service being terminated because you either cancelled or were found to be performing illegal activities. Alongside being targeted by illegal activities such as denial of service attacks.
  • Natural disasters affecting the datacentre which may cause downtime are not covered under SLA. We (the enviromc staff team) may still decide to refund you under our discretion.

Security and data protection:

Any potentially sensitive information held about the client

  • Once a client account is inactive and contains zero services or products for more than 6 months, the client’s account will be erased from out database
  • Any staff with access to information such as a clients first name, surname, last 4 digits of your credit card number, or your address will be under legal agreement not to share such information unnecessary or outside EnviroMC or any of its alternative brands or services.
  • As a former EU entity, we still follow GDPR and GDPR-UK data protection and transfer obligations. The Information will therefore not be stored outside of the European Union, United Kingdom or any other GDPR compliant nation or datacentre.

Security and data protection:

A user found to chargeback, challenge or dispute any payment will have their account terminated immediately without exception. We hold no liability for any data loss or actions that may occur after a chargeback.